Are you an organization, school, college, University or a company that needs a Learning Management System (LMS), which is a communication system that is used to teach online or you might need a School Management System (SMS) which is a fully functional website including the portal login for the students, teachers, parents and administrators? BEZH School management system is a danish high quality educational management system where every user can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development supported by BEZH. You can also request a 1 month Free access to the full features of our system, for your school. If you liked the system, you can continue using it by paying a license fee. You can also sign a support contract with us where we will put your students/teachers/parents data to the database, and update all information in a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 
BEZH School Management System is a fully hosted software and you do not need to order any website or server. All costs are included.

Check out our SMS sample: DK SMS
And our CMS sample: DK CMS
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Pricing for International Clients:
Not applicable for Denmark. Danish clients, should use danish language website.

Number of students: Up to 1000
Number of teachers Up to 100
Number of Parents: Up to 1000
Installation: 120 (800 Danish Krone) 
License: 400 (2800 Danish Krone) per month. "Includes 5 hours support"
Extra 10 Hours support: 500 (3500 Danish Krone)